Climate Crisis and European Union:

Annamária Lehoczky is a climate scientist and a passionate environmental journalist. She is doing her international PhD focusing on co-creation for climate change adaptation, linking science and practice. She is currently based in Spain working at the Centre for Climate Change, University Rovira i Virgili.

She mainly covers environmental-social issues, reporting about climate politics, wicked problems, sustainable solutions, climate innovators. She writes for the Hungarian socio-theoretical and cultural magazine, PR Herald, as “ClimateTrust” columnist on a regular basis. She followed on the spot the UN Climate Talks in Paris (COP21, 2015) and Marrakesh (COP22, 2016).

In 2014, she travelled to the remote arctic island of Svalbard to study the impacts of climate change on glaciers. Her travel report about this experience won the 1st place of Travel Writing Competition released by the Campus Hungary Programme. In 2015, she was selected into the ’50 Talented Young Hungarians’ by the prestigious nationwide magazine called ‘La femme’.

Annamária has been engaged with youth empowerment and education since 2014, when she took part in the Climate Reality Project’s training in Brazil. As a YOUNGO member, she helps to develop young people’s capacity of system thinking to be change agents in the transition towards sustainability. She has given presentations on Creativity & Mobility, as well as interviews to print and online media raising awareness on climate change and Sustainable Development Goals.