Climate Crisis & Future of Democracy:

Solange Marquez Márquez is Political Consultant with 12 years of experience. Since 2009 she
writes a weekly digital column in El Universal (one of the biggest newspapers in Mexico)
about international issues and specially environmental topics before that she wrote a
column for Milenio Diario and collaborates regularly with other media.

Solange combines this work with academy work, she is a PhD Candidate in Constitutional
Law and (will present her final exam next August) and she is a university professor on
Political Systems and Democratic Participation at the National Autonomous University of
Mexico (UNAM), her research focuses on Democracy, political participation and
Parliamentarian issues.

She has given lectures about political participation, women empowerment, leadership and
environmental issues since 1996 in different countries such as: Albania, Brazil, Spain,
Germany, Thailand, UK, USA, etc.

“I’ve been an environmental activist since I was a teen and now I wan to go further with
some projects I have in mind. I become a mother 2 1/2 years ago of two beautiful princess
and since my pregnancy I’ve been really worry about the world we are going to leave them
and their generation. I’m now more convinced that we need to do more to help”